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These bags love to suit your outfit!

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Show your stylish outfit with BAG at Suit my Bag streetstyle on Facebook!

Suit my Bag

BIG, stylish, high fashion, foldable shopping bags instead of a plastic one. For all your fashion and beauty shopping, wich will suit your outfit so greattt!

The bags made in advance are inspired by fashionstyles seen in magazines, on social media by influencers, style icones and celebs. But what inspires me most are the styles seen on the streets!

Even more personal… a custom made bag

You can also order a bag by showing a picture of your outfit and I will make a matching Shopping Bag you will love! Or just tell me what you like, maybe one of the bags from the pics but in a different color? Almost everything is possible!

1 Model only, 2 sizes and different prices.

  • The XL BIG shopper (exclusive) size: width about 55 cm, hight about 70 cm.
  • The L shopper (exclusive) size: width about 46 cm, hight about 65 cm.
  • The price depends of the fabrics, quality, reversible or not and processing.
  • For bags with a stock : € 34.95 till € 99.95 excluding shipment. PLEASE check model Take Away for cheaper prices, starts at € 17.50.
  • Custom made Bags, ordered on request, SmB charges + € 10,-
  • Limited Editons : price on request
  • Shipping within the Netherlands € 3,90 to € 7.00 Shipping outside Netherlands: on request


The Newest Bag we name: Take Away.

This nice new bag is ultra light in weight and easy to fold in a little package. The big elastic strap with logo can be used for keeping the bag folded up. One size only: size L. Shopper is still reversible and sustainable, thats our trademark!

The price is even better, because of the cheaper fabrics this bag wil be available from € 17.50 till € 25,00

How do you get your own?

  1. Choose a moodboard/inspiration or send a pic of your favorite coat(s) or just tell us what you like! Check facebook or instagram for more pictures.
  2. Mention colors and prints.
  3. Choose size: XL or L
  4. Choose Exclusive ( available in XL and L) or Take away model ( only L)
  5. Mail to , or send a message at facebook or instagram .
  6. We wil discuss the fabrics, price and delivery time etc.
  7. In english, or even better in dutch. Suit my Bag is een Nederlands bedrijf.

If your bag is not in stock, maximum delivery time will be 2 till 3 weeks. Shipping within Netherlands € 3,90 to € 7.00 Shipping outside Netherlands: on request.

GUARANTEE: Are you the owner of a Suit my Bag, notice that we use 4 months of guarantee on our Bags stitches and fabrics, by using the bags for fashion & beauty shopping. The bags are not suitable for your supermarket shopping!


Suit my Bag: KVK 68301820