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Just a little piece of our collection.

Leatherlook Black

1 Leatherlook Black

Cooked wool black

2 Cooked wool black

Black little stars

3 Black little stars

Hermes inspired

4 Hermes inspired

Black tartan

5 Black tartan


6 Tribal

Dark blue lace - nude

7 Dark blue lace - nude

Re-used jeansshirt

8 Re-used jeansshirt

Botanic garden

9 Botanic garden

Fake fur

10 Fake fur

Lace grey - black

11 Lace grey - black


12 Zebra

Big pied de poule

13 Big pied de poule


14 Cow

Clean jeans

15 Clean jeans

Fine striped shirt

16 Fine striped shirt

Cognac leather

17 Cognac leather

Classic birds

18 Classic birds

brown leatherlook

19 brown leatherlook

Velvet leopard

20 Velvet leopard

Red tartan

21 Red tartan

Re-used jeans

22 Re-used jeans

Big stripes

23 Big stripes

Small stripes

24 Small stripes

Denim inside out

25 Denim inside out


26 Blanket

badges and jeans

27 badges and jeans

Blue lace-jeans

28 Blue lace-jeans

Retro blanket

29 Retro blanket

Hope faith love

30 Hope faith love

Clean jeans pocket

31 Clean jeans pocket


32 Roses

bronze shine leatherlook

33 bronze shine leatherlook

Animal Spot

34 Animal Spot

Thai Silk

35 Thai Silk


36 Sixties


37 Kisses


38 polkadots

Cognac leatherlook

39 Cognac leatherlook

Brown tartan

40 Brown tartan